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Industry-leading chatbot developers

We offer artificial intelligence-driven chatbots with the ability to integrate into custom systems. Including chatbots for websites to advanced integration deployed across multiple different channels – from WhatsApp to Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Microsoft Teams, and more.

We are experienced chatbot developers, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and designing chatbots that go beyond your typical bot. This, combined with a partnership with Microsoft and their technologies, means that we offer an extremely powerful solution.

We work with global organisations across a select range of industries and have created, designed and developed a global portfolio of cutting-edge chatbot solutions.

What is a Chatbot

You can think of a chatbot as an app that simulates human conversations, allowing users to interact with it conversationally. Chatbot apps can communicate with text, cards or speech. A bot may be as simple as basic pattern matching with a response such as basic multiple-choice options. Or it may be a sophisticated weaving of artificial intelligence techniques with complex conversational state tracking and integration to existing business services.

Our chatbots can go beyond the simple application by integrating artificial intelligence to interpret vision, speech, search and natural language. A chatbot platform that not only interacts like a human but gathers and interprets data like a human.

Chatbots are making a massive impact globally, with the market expected to reach $1.3 billion by 2024 (Grand View Research, Inc.). They’re not going anywhere and are only going to get stronger and more intelligent.

Why Does Your Company
Need a Chatbot

Customer service sits at the heart of any successful business. One of the most critical aspects of customer service is to find solutions to problems and respond to any customer queries quickly and professionally. This is where customer service chatbots come in.

Chatbots improve response time, improving customer satisfaction by automating customer support, leading to improved customer loyalty and a bolstered brand establishment.

Not only does incorporating chatbots into your business make sense from a customer service point of view, but also from an efficiency point of view. The world is moving towards a machine-driven workplace, where human limitation is becoming increasingly obvious. Among the major benefits of chatbots are that they are available 24/7 and can take care of tedious, time-consuming tasks.

Chatbots deliver the two essential requirements for any business today: Instant Customer Service and Increased Customer Engagement. Our chatbot business solution uses smart AI technologies to keep your customers engaged in meaningful business to customer conversations.

Custom-built chatbots for all channels

Our custom-built chatbots have the functionality to be integrated with almost any channel, including.


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Our chatbots allow you to connect with your customers on their chosen platform, whether it be WhatsApp bots or other channels opening up communication to a broader audience.

WhatsApp Bots

Our Industries

The benefits of chatbots can be used across multiple different industries, from education through to insurance, real estate and healthcare.

We have a strong focus on working with businesses in the following industries:

  • Education
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance
  • Real Estate
  • Travel
  • Banking
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality and Retail
Our Industries

Developing smart AI bots

We create chatbots that are not only functional but are extremely smart and AI driven. Developing chatbots that can see, hear, speak, understand and even begin to reason. Using machine learning, our chatbots can use existing data to forecast future behaviours, outcomes and trends. We develop bots that are constantly getting smarter and always adapting to your business.

AI Chatbots

Custom Integrations

With ready to use integrations and a flexible integration framework, Chattabotz can integrate with virtually any business system.

By integrating chatbots into your business system, the possibilities are endless. Create a seamless experience for your customers and make tedious business processes faster and more efficient with an AI-driven chatbot.

Our clients

We’ve done chatbot development with a variety of world-class clients and would love to work with your business.

A few of our clients

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