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Your team cares for your customers. For everything else, there is AI.

AI Chatbots

At our core, Chattabotz is an AI development company. We partner with the world's leading companies to design and develop conversational AI chatbots using AI technology.

Whether your customers are looking to book a ticket, make a claim or ask a question via a WhatsApp bot, there’s a solution with artificial intelligence. A solution that makes their experience immediate, effortless and efficient – just as they expect.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have become the most powerful self-service tool for your customers. AI chatbots provides instant responses to the majority of your needs, freeing up your team’s time to create extraordinary customer experiences.

An AI development company that puts conversational experiences at the forefront

There are four key pillars of AI.

The 4 pillars of AI

Vision AI IconVision
Speech AI IconSpeech
Search AI IconSearch
Language AI IconLanguage


AI vision is an extremely powerful tool used to gather information from an image. By simply uploading an image, our custom computer vision models are able to analyse the image in seconds.

We use this technology in our AI chatbots for anything from text analysis and translation to tagging, labelling, describing and collecting data from images. Whether it’s for pulling customer data from an ID document to inbuilt facial recognition on apps.

Boost your content discoverability, accelerate text extraction, and grow your business today with AI vision technologies.

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Our AI speech functionality accurately converts spoken audio to text in multiple languages. Models are customisable to enhance accuracy for organisation or industry-specific terminology.

This function includes speaker recognition and speech translation, along with readable transcripts with automatic formatting and punctuation.

Make spoken audio actionable.

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Intelligent search with the ability to comb billions of webpages, videos, images and news with a single API call. An easy-to-use, ad-free, commercial-grade search tool that lets us deliver the results you want. Search via text or image.

When in doubt, search it.

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Natural Language

Humans speak like humans, not computers. So, we’ve taught our bots to communicate like humans, in an intuitive way that is constantly learning and improving.

A conversational AI chatbot uses natural language to interpret goals and distil valuable information from sentences. Using machine learning technology, our bots continuously get smarter and improve the quality of their natural language understanding.

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Why businesses need artificial intelligence

Data science and artificial intelligence have opened up a world of opportunities for businesses across all industries. From incorporating AI in eCommerce to increase sales to helping companies solve problems like manual data entry, lengthy diagnosis processes, customer segmentation and data utilisation.

Artificial intelligence is used to increase consumer experience, dive into customer segments, gain better analytics for faster decision making and process automation. The possibilities and use cases are plenty.

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