Custom-Built Omnichannel Dashboard

One dashboard for all channels, complete with extensive chatbot reporting functionality

One dashboard for all channels

All of our bots come complete with our custom developed Chattabotz Omnichannel. The Chattabotz Omnichannel offers an intuitive dashboard that connects to all bots, at the same time – it’s a central place to see all conversations as well as chatbot analytics.

Handle all questions coming in via your many channels - including Whatsapp bots - and customers on one central, easily accessible dashboard that is specifically designed to make the life of the customer care agent easier.

Use quick replies to reduce response time, continue conversations across multiple channels, view chat history and user information for context and easily transfer chats to other teams.

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Smooth transition from bot to human

We understand that human handover is an integral part of bot implementation in any business. It’s essential to manage the handover as smoothly as possible, which is exactly what our Omnichannel does.

If a conversation becomes too complex for the chatbot to handle or the customer requests to speak to a human, you can easily hand over the conversation to a human agent. Where they can pick up right where the bot left off, with all necessary information available to quickly jump in and take over.

missed questions

Bots get stumped from time to time.

When this happens, users can submit a ticket or be routed to a live agent to answer their queries better.

Each organisation has its own communication needs that our bots can adapt to. Bots can be deployed to provide 24/7 customer service or combined with on-call live agents to close sales. The usability is flexible.

Tap into data-driven marketing with extensive AI analytics and customisable reporting

Customisable AI analytics

The Chattabotz Omnichannel comes with custom chatbot reporting capability. Our chatbot analytics are powered by Microsoft Power BI – a powerful platform that offers in-depth analytics with extensive, live reporting.

All chatbot project reports are customised based on the bot, the client and the industry. You tell us what data is important, and relevant, to your business and we’ll integrate it into your reports. Giving you the option to do data-driven testing to adapt and improve your bots based on consumer responses.

AI data analytics can be shared across various data sources, making it easy to integrate into your systems.

Data-driven marketing is the most successful. Use the Chattabotz Omnichannel to visualise key metrics for building a deeper understanding of your customers and making smarter decisions.

Customisable AI analytics