AI Chatbot Solutions Across Various Industries

Transforming the use of artificial intelligence in business

Artificial intelligence
in business

At Chattabotz, we have worked with businesses across numerous different industries, offering tailored solutions for using artificial intelligence in business. We offer two approaches with any bot build:

  • Customising one of our pre-built industry-specific frameworks.
  • A complete custom-built framework.

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Artificial intelligence in business

The industries that we work with include


The use of AI in education is extensive. From student applications, enrolment and management through to tutoring support, assignment support, account updates and alerts.


The use of AI in insurance extends to customers submitting claims and requesting quotes to lead generation, customer enquiries and policy updates.

Real Estate

Real estate AI is used for tenant listings, 3D tours, property management, surveys, document submissions, fault reporting, enquiries and customer service and updates.

Hospitality and Travel

AI can be used in the hospitality and travel industry for guest profiling, tailored promotions, bookings, suggested trips, itinerary management and virtual tour guides.


There’s increased use of artificial intelligence in banking. Banking chatbots can be used to check balances, make payments, enquire about personal loans or vehicle finance, open new accounts and to view reward balances.


Healthcare chatbots are being used for virtual diagnostics, sharing test results, patient engagement, appointment scheduling, consultations, reminders and subscription updates.


AI and machine learning in retail are hugely beneficial for increasing sales and improving customer experiences. Use AI to sell products, advise and guide customers, manage orders, customer support, FAQs, delivery notifications and updates.